Provides beautiful, healthy hair which comes from within the body, rather than from external products, in just one tablet.
Will give yout body just what it needs to grow beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.
Is a great value. One tablet daily is recommended to help provide you with beautiful, shiny, healthy hair.
Beautiful hair comes from within.
  • Kamaois manufactured by one of the most trusted nutrition companies in the country. You will receive only the highest quality product.

  • Just one tablet a day provides the vitamins and minerals your body needs for beautiful. healthy hair.

    Kamao is so comprehensive that no other multivitamin is nessary.

  • Kamao will give you the beautiful, shiny, gorgeous hair you dream of. An added benefit is a generally healthier you.


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Supplement Facts


Komao is a hair vitamin dietary supplement, which grows beautiful hair from within.

Take one tablet daily with food.


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Vitamin E & Niacin

Vitamin E is known to help produce healthy skin and has positive effects on the skin of the scalp. Circulation, and thereby blood flow to the follicles is stimulated by both niacin and vitamin E.


Adequate amounts of biotin are necessary for thicker, faster growing hair. Biotin also helps prevent graying, Komao provides 1,000 mcg (333% daily value) of biotin in just one tablet.


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Dear Komao, As a woman who has always had thin, brittle hair, I have longed for beautiful, long, shiny hair like you see on shampoo commercials, I have tried virtually every product on the market, but to mo avail, that is, until now. I was skeptical about Komao at first, since nothing had ever seemed to improve my hair. But after taking Komao only a short time, my hair is noticeably healthier and stronger and there is an abundance of new growth. I have even noticed my eyelashes are thicker and longer too! Thanks Komao! Read More...


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